Aspect Ratio

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Creating video content for various social media platforms? We know how painful it is to remember all of the aspect ratios out there for each platform; yet getting the aspect ratio right is crucial to optimise your videos across various social media platforms. With social media running on algorithm, such as TikTok's For You Page (#fyp) and Instagram's Explore Page, the pressure is on the content creator to produce video content that's engaging and relatable, with aspect ratio optimised on social media.

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Optimize Your Video Aspect Ratio

ShotCut free video editor for Android comes with free aspect ratio editing tools that allows you to resize your videos according to optimised aspect ratios of various social media platforms. From YouTube wide 16:9 aspect ratio to Instagram's portrait 2:3 aspect ratio, ShotCut size comes with all the aspect ratios of social media platforms for you to optimise your video content across all your social media accounts.

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Crop and Resize Videos Easily

Got parts of the video you wished you could crop out? To resize or crop videos easily to aspect ratio guidelines, just simply pinch and zoom on the screen to edit your video cropping! ShotCut free video editor is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to create stunning social media videos with optimised aspect ratios for various platforms out there.