ShotCut: Best FREE Android Glitch and VHS Video Editor

It’s an unusual decision to make a video’s quality worse. However, when we decide to add noise to a clip using glitch or Video Home System (VHS) effect, it becomes somewhat interesting and nostalgic. Whether to convey a dramatic recollection of a character’s past, create an atmosphere that calls for a bit of distortion on visual or audio, or replicate the found footage look, such old-fashioned videos are now viral among followers on social networks. If you’re looking for a free and easy video editor to create such effects in your video, welcome to Shotcut, one of the Best Android Glitch and VHS Video Editor!

ShotCut is the best Android Glitch and VHS Video Editor, which offer tons of stunning glitch effects and VHS effects for videos. It’s also a full-fledged video editing app, comes equipped with many editing features, such as speed control, audio and text insertion and many more. With ShotCut Android Glitch and VHS Video Editor, you can create an amazing and unique video with just simple steps!


Why ShotCut?

  • Free of Charges: Install ShotCut and use it right away
  • No Registration: Safe to use with no commitment required
  • User-Friendly Interface: Create videos or photo slideshows with super-easy steps
  • Full-Fledged Video Maker: Comes with speed control, music, text editing
  • VHS/Glitch Video Editor: Best Android Glitch and VHS Video Editor, full of retro & Vintage effects, take you back to the 80s, 90s, and add cool glitch video effects to your video
  • Compatible Aspect Ratio: Video aspect ratios support major social media platforms
  • Easy Sharing: Share your video in high quality with no watermark


📺 Magic Glitch Effects & VHS Trippy Effects

Remember those old TV effects with waves, stripes, and reverse colour you’ve seen during your good old days? The glitch effect and VHS effect can imitate the old analogue video recording on a cassette tape.

ShotCut offers tons of visual effects (VFX) to create the vintage effect that mimics the nice old-school discord to your video, making it one of the Best Android Glitch and VHS Video Editor!

  • Old TV, Mirror & Split
  • Heartbeat, Dizzy, Swirl, Shake
  • Dust, Point, Star, Bubble, Flower, Love and more Bling effects


🎬 Easy-to-Use Video Editor

ShotCut is an all-in-one video editor with all features which allows you to create a project with video clips, photos or both in few simple steps.


Video Editing

You can trim, cut, crop, and duplicate video clips in a project using ShotCut. You can also use ShotCut to split a single video into multiple clips or merge multiple video clips into a project. Our video editor also comes with speed control, where you can speed up or slow down the video. You can adjust the video clip’s speed from 0.1x to 8.0x. 

If your original video clip is upside down, you can rotate it back to the right side up by utilizing the rotate video feature. Each rotation is 90° apart. The rotate feature can also be used to change the video clip from portrait view to landscape view, or vice versa.


Photo Video Maker

Besides including video clips in your video project, ShotCut also acts as a slideshow maker for photos. Photos can also be added to the ShotCut project to convert image into video with music and effects. You can also mix photo with videos to create a photo music video.


🔥 Aspect Ratio for All Social Media Platforms


When you create video content, it is crucial to think about how the audience will see the final content. You can be sure that your content’s message will be delivered exactly the way you intended by intentionally building the design around the aspect ratio of the format it is to be displayed. 

Different platforms have different aspect ratios. ShotCut supports aspect ratios that fit all social media platforms, such as 1:1 and 4:5 for Instagram and Facebook post, 16:9 for YouTube, 9:16 for IGTV, Instagram Stories and TikTok etc.


🎵 Free Music and Audio Control


Free Music

It is vital to get the music right when you are editing video. The right choice of music will add an impact to the video, while the wrong music choice can be downright awful to the worse. ShotCut includes a lot of music track within the app. You get to choose all the trendy music you like to add to your project.  Best of all, these music tracks are free! 


Audio Control

Depending on the tone and the emotion of the video, you can adjust the volume of the music of each video clip in the app. Besides, you can use ‘Fade In‘ to gradually increase from silence at the beginning of the video, or use ‘Fade Out‘ to reduce the volume progressively to silence at the end of the video. You can also choose to mute or unmute the video clip’s original audio, depending on whether you want to focus on the foreground or the background music.


💎 Add Text to Video 

Add text to your video to highlight the key points to your viewers, so that you can grab your viewers’ attention and make your content easier to recall. You can also add text as subtitles, which comes in handy when your viewers watch your videos on mute mode under inconvenient circumstances.

With the text editing tools in ShotCut , you can add text in different styles or turn your text into stunning animations with animated text effects. You can easily edit, duplicate, and modify your text’s styles into different fonts, effects, and colours.


👍🏻 Export & Share 

Once you are done creating your masterpiece, ShotCut allows you to export your video in high quality with no watermark effortlessly. Then, share it directly to popular social media platforms (TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger) with just one tap. Alternatively, tap ‘More’ to share on other social network platform or clouds. It’s easy to create and share your next viral video with one of the Best Android Glitch and VHS Video Editor!


Download Now – Best Android Glitch and VHS Video Editor

With ShotCut free video editor, you could easily create videos/photos with glitch effects and make a video with music. Download Shotcut, one of the Best Android Glitch and VHS Video Editor now and start making the next viral video! 


Coming Soon! 

  • Extracting music from videos – we are still working on this feature
  • Upload your own music -Currently, only default music available in the app can be added to the project
  • More video effects such as vaporwave, RGB, Blur Green screen and aesthetic filters 
  • Video and photo filters – we are still working on this feature


As our app is currently in the beta stage, we are working very hard to improve our product, hoping to include more features in the app’s future versions. Let us know your thought here or via email at


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