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Elevate your video Aesthetic and Editing experience

ShotCut elevates your video aesthetic and editing experience. With an easy-to-use and comprehensive video editor toolkit, create a splash with magic glitch, retro & vintage filters and VHS effects for your videos.

It’s an all-in-one video editor with full features – trim your video, adjust the speed, add effects, music and texts. Your next masterpiece will be ready in just a few taps!

  • Effects: Add Glitch, VHS and 100 over effects to elevate the aesthetics of your video creations
  • Easy-to-use Video Editor: All-in-one editing toolkit to trim, cut, crop, merge, copy, rotate and split video into multiple clips, edit speed, playback and music settings
  • Photo Video Maker: Turn your photos into video with music and effects to create a multi-media production
  • Video Maker with Free Music Library: Choose from our library of trendy music or extract music from videos
  • Add Texts to Video: Easily add text on video with various fonts, colours and style, turning texts into stunning animations with effects
  • Aspect Ratio: Supports all aspect ratios to optimise sharing on TikTok and Instagram
  • Export & Share: Share your video creations in high quality with no watermark, across various social media platforms from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, SnapChat and more

All-in-One Editor

High Quality Video


Video Editing

Free Video Editor for Android
Looking for a free video editor for Android that actually works? ShotCut video editor is a free Android app that allows you to create, edit and export videos on your mobile phone, with no watermark! ShotCut puts user experience and interface at its forefront, bringing you a smooth video editing experience from the start till end. Create limitlessly with ShotCut free video editor made for Android.
Edit Videos For Free With Android Video Editor
ShotCut Android video editor is easy to use and master; you’ll be a pro video editor in no time. The full editing features are free, along with editing resources such as free stock music, sound effects, transitions, filters and so much more! ShotCut video editor also comes with a premium subscription option, allowing you to have access to the latest and premium resource library to enhance your videos!
Powerful Video Editor With Free Editing Features
Trim it, split it, mute it, speed it… the list goes on! ShotCut free video editor for Android comes packed with comprehensive video editing features that will allow you to create stunning video edits for social media, school, work and more. Explore the range of video editing tools, free and premium resource library, and so much more.

Resize Video

Create Content on Social Media
Creating video content for various social media platforms? We know how painful it is to remember all of the aspect ratios out there for each platform; yet getting the aspect ratio right is crucial to optimise your videos across various social media platforms. With social media running on algorithm, such as TikTok’s For You Page (#fyp) and Instagram’s Explore Page, the pressure is on the content creator to produce video content that’s engaging and relatable, with aspect ratio optimised on social media.
Optimize Your Video Aspect Ratio
ShotCut free video editor for Android comes with free aspect ratio editing tools that allows you to resize your videos according to optimised aspect ratios of various social media platforms. From YouTube wide 16:9 aspect ratio to Instagram’s portrait 2:3 aspect ratio, ShotCut size comes with all the aspect ratios of social media platforms for you to optimise your video content across all your social media accounts.
Crop and Resize Videos Easily
Got parts of the video you wished you could crop out? To resize or crop videos easily to aspect ratio guidelines, just simply pinch and zoom on the screen to edit your video cropping! ShotCut free video editor is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to create stunning social media videos with optimised aspect ratios for various platforms out there.

Effects & Filters

Free Effects and Transition Resource Library
When we call it free video editing resource library, we mean it in every way! No frills, no lies – our resource library is completely free with no sign-ups, login or membership needed. ShotCut free video editor for Android comes with a huge effects and transition resource library, where you can pick and choose the best video effects, filters or transitions for your video editing. Make your videos stand out with cool editing effects – we’re sure there’ll be one for every mood!
Add Effects and Filters to Videos
ShotCut free video editor comes with a selection of effects and filters that you can add to your videos easily. Spruce up your video editing by adding cool effects and filters. From glitch effect, VHS effect, to classic BW filter, ShotCut free resource library makes video editing fun, easy and effortlessly beautiful.
Add Transitions to Videos
Add a little life to your videos with transitions. Video transitions allow you to seamlessly merge various clips together, and it’ll greatly affect the viewers’ engagement. ShotCut free Android video editor comes with a library of cool video transitions that you can add to your videos, making them stand out more from the crowd. Create video content that’ll capture the attention of your viewers by adding transitions to videos!

Add Text

Add Texts to Your Videos
Whether it is for video subtitles or for introduction, adding texts to your videos will make your video content more engaging. Viewers can easily follow your videos with texts in the video, increasing your video view rate! Easily add text to your videos on ShotCut free Android video editor. Adjust the timing with your fingers on the editing timeline, and resize your texts by pinching or scaling!
Customize Your Video Texts
Your texts will lose their purpose if they are not visible. With ShotCut free video editor for Android, you can customize your video texts easily by choosing from the various settings. Add shadows to make your texts stand out from the video. Create contrast to your texts against your video by choosing a contrasting colour. Use different fonts to create different mood and vibes! You can also add and align your texts on videos with ShotCut video editor.
Animate Your Texts in Videos
Bring the level of video engagement further with text animations! You can animate text in videos with ShotCut free video editor on Android by choosing the various text animations available. Make your texts pop, twirl, dissolve and more with our text animation options!

Free Music Library

Free Stock Music Library For Videos
Music makes up the bulk of your video – it sets the right mood and atmosphere. With ShotCut video editor for Android, you can add free music to videos with the free stock music library. ShotCut music library comes with a selection of music tracks that are free for use in your videos. Choose the right piece of music from the list of categories that best suit your video editing.
Add Free Sound Effects to Videos
Need explosion sounds for your videos, or funny duck quacking in the background? Choose from our library of free and premium sound effects to add to your videos. ShotCut video editor comes with free sound effects library, categorised by themes for easy searching. Find one that suits your video and add into your video editing timeline. You can customise your sound effect by trimming the duration, or adjust the volume and speed!
Extract Audio From Videos
Got a song off your video that you want to use in your editing? ShotCut free video editor for Android comes with ‘extract audio’ function, allowing you to extract music from videos by importing them into the audio timeline. You can adjust your imported audio track by moving, trimming, adjusting volume or speed, and sync it with your video clips!

Export Videos

Export Videos With No Watermark
Looking for a free video editor without watermark? ShotCut video editor for Android is the perfect match for you. We know how frustrating it is to edit a video masterpiece, only to find out that you need to pay to get the video watermark removed. Boasting seamless UI/UX for casual and professional video editors on mobile, ShotCut also allows you to export your edited videos with no watermark for free!
Free Video Editor in HD Export Quality
Don’t let poor export quality spoil your final edited video. With ShotCut free video editor on Android, you can export your videos for free without watermark, in your desired quality and resolution. ShotCut video editor allows you to export videos in high resolution and high quality (HD up to 1080). Experience lossless video export for your video edits.
Share Videos Directly
Editing a video for social media? ShotCut free Android video editor allows you to export videos and share them directly to your social media, straight from the app. Simply tap on ‘Share’ and get your videos published on all major social media platforms, from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and more.

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