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How to Add Music to Video

A good soundtrack can elevate the video watching experience. ShotCut video editor comes with a huge music library, featuring different musical styles, beats and moods to suit any type of videos you're editing on the app. Browse through the free and premium music library through the music categories, and pick one you love!

How to Add Music to Video on ShotCut Video Editor?

• Tap on 'Music' under the video editing toolbar, or tap on 'Add music' under the video project timeline.
• Select Music from various categories or by checking the 'Featured' music we recommend.
• You can also import music by extracting music from video or from your local phone storage.
• Browse through your favorite music – tap on the star icon to add music to your 'Favorites' so that you can save and find them easily next time.
• Your selected music will be added to your video project editing timeline; tap on it to customize by adding marker, changing speed, adjust volume and more.