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How to Extract Audio From Videos

Want to use your own sound from a video you've found online? Whether it is a movie dialogue or internet meme sound you downloaded from TikTok, you can extract audio from videos to use them on your videos. To extract audio from video, you can use ShotCut video editor, a free video editing app on Android.

How to Extract Audio From Videos on ShotCut Video Editor?

• Tap on 'Music' under the video editing toolbar, or tap on 'Add music' under the video project timeline.
• Under 'Music', tap on 'Extract music from video'.
• You will be directed to your Phone Album; choose the video that you want to extract audio from, and import into the app.
• Your audio from the selected video will be extracted onto the music timeline in your video project; tap on it to customize by adding marker, changing speed, adjust volume and more.